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School Closing at 1:30 PM

The School District of Spencer will be closing at 1:30 PM today, Thursday, Jan. 11.  All after school activities are cancelled.  Spencer Kid's Group will be open at 1:30 PM.  

Spencer PTA night at Applebees

Join us for an Applebee's Fundraiser Benefitting Spencer PTA on Oct. 15.  




We are very excited to have all of our students back in the building for our first day of school on Sept. 1.  Students should plan to arrive at 8:00 AM and school is done each day at 3:10 PM.  Thank you to all of our parents that have stopped in to pay registration fees and add money to their children's lunch account.  If you haven't had a chance to stop in to pay fees please send your child's $10 registration fee by Sept. 8.  

logo Welcome to our new site

Welcome to the Spencer Public School New Website. 

Please continue to check back as we will be adding new information.

Ema Schultz - October Student of the Month Ema Schultz is our Student of the Month for October!!!

We are thrilled to announce our first Student of the Month at Spencer Elementary School; Miss Ema Schultz!

Here are a few of the things the staff of the elementary had to say about Ema:

"She has a positive attitude about being Rocket student and that is infectious to her peers. She is a good friend, works hard and shows great academic achievement."

"She is an excellent model for all elementary students of the Rocket Way! She is also one of the most kind, helpful students I have ever had!”

"She has a HUGE heart and is a kind friend to everyone around her. She has a bubbly personality and is eager to take on any activity with a positive attitude and smile on her face. Our classroom wouldn't be the same without her!"

Congratulations, Ema! We are so glad that you are part of our Rocket Family!

January Student of the Month

January Student of the Month - Chloe MachtanIt is with great pleasure that we introduce Miss Chloe Machtan as our Spencer Elementary Student of the Month for January!!

Chloe was nominated by Mrs. Schweiger and she had this to say about Chloe, “Chloe comes to art with a terrific attitude. She does a great job listening and asking appropriate questions. She spends her entire art class time focusing on the task at hand and always puts amazing effort into what she is doing. She is friendly and polite with her peers and me. It is always a pleasure having her in art.”

Mrs. Payant had this to add about Chloe, “My choice for Student of the Month is Chloe Machtan for several reasons. First of all, she has a good attitude about school. She works hard and is very cooperative. She sets a very good example for her classmates to follow. She also accepts responsibility beautifully. I can always depend on Chloe to bring in her work completed, on time, and done to the best of her ability. Chloe is also very polite. I always hear a "please" and a "thank you" from her. Finally, Chloe is very respectful of others. When she knows others are still working, she sits quietly. With her friendly, sincere way, I am a lucky teacher to have her in my classroom.”

I would also like to say that Chloe Machtan brings a smile to my face each and every day. I appreciate that Chloe always does her very best on all of her school work and treats everyone with respect. I am very thankful that Chloe Machtan is part of our Rocket Family!

January Staff Member of the Month

January Staff Member of the Month - Sue HarnIt is my pleasure to introduce Mrs. Harn as our Staff Person of the Month for January at Spencer Elementary School!
Mrs. Harn was first nominated by Mrs. Bodendorfer, she states, "I am nominating Sue Harn because of her vast amount of knowledge in our Tech Department. She is always willing to learn a new program and help with existing programs when we run into problems; she does all of this with a smile on her face! She cares deeply about our staff and students and has a willingness to go above and beyond. Her dedication to the School District of Spencer is outstanding. Not only is she a great coworker she is an awesome friend to all."
Mrs. Payant, Mrs. Reckner, and Mrs. Farrell also nominated Mrs. Harn, they had this to say, “Sue always gives 110%. She is always there to help us solve our technology questions. She goes above and beyond. The number of hours that she works here at school far exceeds what is expected of her. She is always willing to come into the classroom and assist teachers who are experiencing difficulties with implementing various aspects of technology. Mrs. Harn is very upbeat as she goes about her job.”
Mrs. Harn is a true professional. Everything that she does behind the scenes truly help our students go above and beyond. Our teachers are willing to try new ventures in the technology world because they know that Mrs. Harn will be right there learning and helping out along the way. Thank you Mrs. Harn, we are so happy that you are part of our Rocket Family!!

Mrs. Abel Staff Person of the Month for November Tara Abel is our October Staff Member of the Month!!

We are proud to introduce Mrs. Tara Abel as our Spencer Elementary Staff Person of the Month for October!  Here are a few things Mrs. Abel's co-workers had to say about her:

“Mrs. Abel CONNECTS with kids!  She leads in whatever endeavor she takes on.

“She is consistently positive and upbeat and I value her opinions on things. Mrs. Abel is definitely someone I go to for advice or thoughts on things.”


“Mrs. Abel is inspirational.  She is a knowledgeable resource, a "go-getter" and extremely passionate about teaching. After talking with her I walk away feeling more motivated and inspired to dig deeper and accomplish more within my own teaching.”

She exemplifies what it means to have a growth mindset and be a team player.  Congrats Mrs. Abel, we are so fortunate to have you as part of our Rocket Family.  We can’t wait to see what you are up to next!   



December Student of the Month - Asher Doro


Student of the Month for December

Asher was nominated by Mrs. Mary Zuelke, “Asher is new to our district this year. Since day one Asher has been showing the Rocket Way to both staff and students.  He is very polite, he works hard on all daily assignments and is extremely respectful.  Since the beginning of the year, Asher has earned 5 Rocket Way tickets with only one of them from myself.  Asher  is a great role model for his peers and I feel he will be a great role model in years to come.”

Mr. Dillenburg had this to add about Asher, “Asher is a terrific choice. He is always such a respectful kid.   He's never pulled in by others and stays true to what he knows is good and right. I have personally given him a Rocket Way Club ticket and it does not surprise me that he continues to receive them from others as well.  I'm SO GLAD that Asher and his brother Ayden are students at Spencer because they are both awesome! They epitomize The Rocket Way!

Parent Teacher Conferences

It is hard to believe but Parent-Teacher Conferences are right around the corner.  Conferences are on Oct. 2nd from 4:00-8:00 and on Oct. 5th from 1:00-4:00.  Please use the websites below to sign-up for a time to meet with your child's homeroom teacher.

Please click on the appropriate link below for your sign-up:

K-2nd Grade       3rd-5th Grade

4 Year Old Kindergarten and Early Childhood - please watch for information coming home with your child from Mrs. Ehlers and Mrs. Strey.

Informational Meeting on the Elementary Report Card

Reminder:  Informational Meeting for Parents on the New Report Card

When: Thursday, Oct. 26

Time: 6:00 PM (should last around 30 minutes)

Where: Elementary Library

What:  Our report card for kindergarten-5th grade will look different this year.  For kindergarten-2nd grade the changes will be minimal; for 3rd-5th grade the changes will be more noticeable.  We will be showing examples and explaining how to interpret this new report card at this meeting.

Staff Member for the Month of December - Mr. Andrew Dillenburg


Mr. D is Staff Person of the Month for December

It is  my pleasure to introduce Mr. Dillenburg as our Staff Person of the Month for December at Spencer Elementary School!

Mr. Dillenburg was first nominated by Mrs. Malone, she states, "I witness the actions of Andrew from a distance; however, I can hear the impact of his work in the comments of our students.  Students are excited to go to music and he is always outside his classroom door welcoming them in with a high five or a hug.  I hear the joy of music as students are singing or practicing ukulele when his door is ajar.   Andrew's passion for his work is evident when he receives new instruments or  in the classroom activities he incorporates into his lessons. This then carries over to the students as they are having fun engaging with music learning the necessary skills required for each grade level.  It is my belief that Andrew and his love of music has offered the students of Spencer Elementary a unique opportunity to learn to love the arts and also the joy that a simple upbeat song or the thrill of learning a new instrument can bring to your soul."

Spencer Elementary is Exceeding Expectations!!


           School Report Card Score Exceeding Expectations!    

Spencer Elementary is EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS according to the Wisconsin Department of Instruction school report cards.  Our staff and students continue to work diligently to grow as learners and this is evident by our score which actually rose 3 points over last year's score.  Both our overall student achievement and closing gaps scores well exceed the state average!!  Great job to our students and staff!!

Spring Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher sign-Up is being done online for PreKindergarten-5th grade again this spring. Typically for our spring conferences the times are rolled over from fall and this is the case this year for 3rd-5th grade; however, we did experience a computer glitch so for the PreK and K-2 you will have to sign-up for your spot as no times rolled over.  Also, people have reported that it is easier to access and sign-up using a computer versus a smart phone. 

Please access these sign-ups and choose your time by Monday, February 12 (if you do not have computer access please call the number below).

To access links click "Read More" below.  

School District of Spencer Staff Happy Holidays!

On behalf of the Staff and Students of the School District of Spencer I would like to wish you each and Happy and Joyous Holiday season.  

SC Rockets at Amherst

Cheer on the SC Rockets this friday night

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Elementary Food Drive Brings in Over 3,000 Items!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our students, families, and staff members for another very successful food drive! Our elementary school collected over 3,000 items for our local food pantry!!! A special thank you to our 5th grade students and teachers for organizing the gym for our collection day.5th Graders with our 3000 items!!

Kindness in Chalk

We celebrate kindness each and every day at Spencer Elementary School but once a year we like to spread that kindness to the sidewalks with our annual Kindness in Chalk event. All of students from our 4 year olds, all the way up to our seniors, worked together to fill our sidewalks with kind words and pictures. Our hope, to brighten everyone's day as they walk past our school!

Kindness in Chalk

"Tree-Mendous" Readers

This year's reading incentive theme is to promote "tree-mendous" readers.  To kick off this event we paired our older elementary Rockets with our younger elementary Rockets to read together.  The students were so engaged and seemed to really enjoy this time together!  reading together

Welcome to the Spencer Elementary Webpage!

Please take time to look around our webpage to learn what we are all about at Spencer Elementary School.  We take pride in offering the children of our community an education that will allow them to develop the skills and aptitudes to be successful not only in their school career but in life.

 To explore all our elementary school has to offer please visit the "Teacher Websites" on the left menu bar, all of our grade level teachers have joint grade level pages.   For a full staff directory, click on the "School Staff" link also in the left menu bar.  Finally, check out the Elementary Facebook page to see a complete view of all we do at Spencer Elementary School.    

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