ACP Career and Technical Education Program


General Overview:

The School District of Spencer has a comprehensive Career and Technical Education (CTE) program available to all students in grades 6-12. CTE departments are as follows: Agriculture, Business, Family and Consumer Science (FACE) and Technology.  Middle school students are given instruction in all areas though a rotation program. All high school students have the option to take semester-long classes as desired. Other elective departments include art, music (both vocal and instrumental) and foreign language (Spanish.)  Although not technically part of the CTE area, these electives provide valuable expediences that can help shape a student's career path. 


Teachers by Department:

Agriculture: Mr. Zimmerman

Business: CWETN (Distance Learning) 
Family and Consumer Science: Ms. Polka
Technology: Mr. Lasiewicz
Art: Mrs. Schweiger
Music (Vocal): Ms. Stewart
Music (Instrumental): Mr. Veale
Foreign Language (Spanish): Mrs. Pickett

For more specific information on a department, please visit the corresponding teacher's website.



Course Offerings:

For a detailed list of courses offered in each department, see our course description book: