ACP Parent Involvement


The Importance of Parent Involvement in the ACP Process:

The School District of Spencer understands that no one cares as much about a child's success as his/her own parents.  Given this, involving parents in the ACP process is an essential component.  Parents will be invited to attend several events over the course of their child's 6-12 school career.  The information below is intended to given an overview of specific ways parents will included on a regular basis.



Parent-Teacher Conferences: All parents are invited to attend parent-teacher conferences at all grade levels twice a year; October and February.  

Individual Student Planning Conferences: All parents are invited to attend their child's individual student planning conference held with the school counselor during students 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade years. The one-on-one conferences are an excellent time for parents to get involved with the individual post-secondary planning steps that are unique to their own child.


Evening Events:

Many evening events are scheduled over the course of the academic year to engage and educate parents about diverse topics pertinent to their child. Parents are informed about these events though various modes of communication. The list below pertains to evening events specifically related to ACP; different school faculty members are present at each event on an as needed basis.

Meet Your Teacher Night (August)

Sophomore Parent Night (August)
Financial Aid Night (Fall)
Junior Parent Night (May)
ACP Night (February)

Parents are encouraged to contact the school with suggestions for other evening events topics they see the need for.


Career Cruising Parent Accounts:

All parents of students in grades 6-12 can create Career Cruising accounts; please see the school counselors more information.