Where Are They Now?


Stacey Springob Class of 2012

Nashville, Tennessee

Career: News Producer- I write the stories and decide how to showcase our content for the day at Fox 17 News, and then cue reporters and make sure everything goes smoothly while we're on the air. I studied journalism in college and interned at several news stations in Wisconsin. My first job out of college was at ABC News 4 in Charleston, South Carolina, where I produced coverage for stories including the Dylann Roof church shooting trial, Michael Slager officer shooting trial, and Hurricane Matthew. After about 18 months, I moved to Nashville for a similar news position. One of the most recent stories I produced breaking news for was the Waffle House shooting.  


Overall how would you characterize your years spent in the Spencer School District? Pure. Loving. Simple. It was everything I needed to prepare for the real world, but I didn't quite realize it at the time.


How did your Spencer educational background generally prepare you for your chosen career path?  Are there any specific academic experiences that prepared you? During my senior year I took a tech class where we created the Rocket News. That was the first time I got to lead a group of people to create video content, and I still think back on that experience from time to time. Also, Media English was an eye opening class for me. That's where I first learned about cinematography, marketing, and the importance of branding. That class really opened the doors on the world of communication for me.


What are one to three of your most fun experiences in the Spencer School District? FFA, choir, and being a manager for boys' basketball are some of my favorite memories to date. I had some of my best laughs during these experiences, and when I see old high school friends, we still reminisce about these times. They truly were the good old days.

How did extra-curricular, club or other non-academic activities help you in the long run? There are times when I look back all these years later and realize those experiences are what taught me to be calm in a chaotic newsroom, or helped me develop an understanding of what is or isn't worth getting mad about. It also taught me how to be a good loser, and to be humble when I win. My 18-year-old self still inspires me, because it's not as easy to be confident in the adult world like it was back then in the Spencer hallways. Even though I've paved the way to where that teen version of myself always wanted to be, I still look up to her when I'm searching for the next step.


What is your most inspirational experience in the Spencer School District? Today I still feel I have my family, and then I have my Spencer family; the two really do go hand in hand. And I quickly learned in college and now as an adult that the love at Spencer School District is not everywhere. Not every child gets to grow up with the support we got from our teachers, both inside and outside the classroom. Love is truly what makes a person successful. Everyone just wants to know they've been heard and someone cares about them, and it's comforting to remember no matter where I live, there's still a place where that exists for kids. And I want those kids to know just because they grew up in a small town, it doesn't mean they can't go after their dreams. A lot of people doubted my ambitions to live in a city, but with a lot of love, support, and hard work I made it happen, and any other person in the Spencer School District can do the same.


What are your short and long term career goals? I will continue working in news for a while, but I hope to eventually crossover into producing more film and television.


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