Hope Ngirwe is the High School Student of the Month

“Hope is the president of the high school student council. She handles the responsibility with utmost confidence and assurance. Hope has been very receptive of new ideas and communicates well with her fellow council members. I have found that it is very easy to work with Hope because she is friendly and down to earth.”

“Hope put’s much work into everything and is so involved in school. Hope performs as is expected of her - she is very responsible and efficient because she has a great work ethic.”

“Hope is president of Student Council and did so much work for Homecoming. Her character and leadership around the building is amazing! “

“Hope is a selfless leader in our school. Her work ethic and initiative are second to none. She is a real go-getter and makes Spencer High School a better place. I appreciate how she advocates on behalf of the students and I have no doubt that Hope will have a positive impact on countless people throughout her life.”

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