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Jason GorstWinter Principal's Message

Spencer Middle/High School- Mr. Gorst



We are very happy to report that the measure we have taken to improve attendance appear to still be working.  We currently sit at an attendance rate of 97.8% in the high school and 98.19 % in the middle school. A reminder to parents: please do everything within your power to schedule extended vacations during school breaks whenever possible.  Our focus on attendance is about much more than compliance with state statutes. In order for kids to learn we need them hear and we want to help them to develop great work habits along the way.


Course Offerings

The year we have reintroduced our business education program with a bit of a twist.  In addition to business, accounting and marketing classes we have also added game, app and coding design courses into our curriculum.  At Spencer High School we pride ourselves on being able to offer a wide variety of courses to students to fit their needs as they prepare themselves for life after school.


Life Skills

Courses, credits, standards, test results and many of the other things we tend to talk about in education are all very important.  However, there are many more things that we focus on in Spencer. We want to see all of our students grow up to be well-rounded individuals.  This year we have targeted using appropriate language and limiting cell phone use. By addressing inappropriate language and removing cell phones from the classrooms we hope to better prepare out students to be well-adjusted adults in the real world.


Exceeding Expectations

For the second consecutive year Spencer Middle/High School received a grade in the “exceeds expectations” category on the school report card.  These scores are generated by a combination of data including test scores, attendance, graduations rates and student growth. One additional positive change  from the previous year is that we were above state average in growth in the area of English and Language Arts. Congrats to all staff on students on this score!



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