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Mr. Jason Gorst Head ShotSpencer's Middle/High School Principal-Mr. Gorst

Fall Principal's Message



I am very happy to kick off my 14th overall year with the school district and my fourth year as principal.  We have a few new things in store this year and a refresher on some older things.  



STEAM stands for Science, Technology Education, Art and Math.  We will be kicking off one of the area’s first STEAM specific classes for our middle school students.  Students in grades seven and eight will be rotating in a STEAM class opposite days of when they have physical education.  Students will explore learning opportunities related to robotics and 3D printing.  We are hoping this is just the first step in a much bigger initiative to bring innovative educational opportunities to our students. 



We have several building level goals this year to look forward to.  The first of those goals is to increase our contact with parents of students in the district.  We will strive to not only be proactive when it comes to concerns, but also to contact parents and communicate the countless positive experiences we have with our students on a daily basis.  We are also looking to continue our mission to improve attendance by updating processes and procedures in dealing with student absences.  While we have taken major strides in improving attendance we would like to increase our focus on absences for family outings and miscellaneous one period absences.  We ask that in the event of a planned vacation that parents provide a note ahead of time and have the absence pre approved by the principal. This communication goes a long way in ensuring students’ academic success.   


Restorative Justice

We will continue to transform our behavior management system into more of a focus on restorative justice.  Instead of focusing on the dissemination of punishments we will spend our time and efforts on reconciliation and relationship building.   When a student's behavior is not inline with the expectations set for them, there will be a process to improve the student’s behavior, communicate with parents, and “make up” for the behavior in question.  Students will be issued “majors” for more extreme behavior infractions and “minors” for small incidents.  This data will be kept throughout the school year and various interventions will be used based on repeated behaviors. 


Virtual Learning Plan

Our teachers took part in a training involving digitizing lessons.  Digitized lessons can be used in several different ways.  They can be used on days when a teacher is gone and a substitute is covering the class.  Digitized lesson can also be used to count as instructional minutes in the event of multiple snow days to alleviate some of the time that needs to be made up.  



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