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I am a seasoned veteran of more than 30 years committed to working with students, ages 3 to 21 years old, who experience speech and language challenges. It remains my goal to nurture and provide a safe environment within the classroom. To responsibly promote the growth and carryover of students' speech/language skill development, I come to their classes as well. It is here that they demonstrate communicative abilities that are respectfully used with their teachers and peers. Always improving in the Rocket Way... "every student, every day." spencer logo.jpg

I believe that speech/language skills are the foundation for lifelong learning and occupational success. These skills are not only integral to clear and effective communication but are the underpinnings for a host of learning including reading, writing, spelling, problem-solving, and critical thinking. ... Therefore the importance of early identification is imperative and many of my students begin at the age of the young man above. I am proud to support, foster, and celebrate the successes of the students within the Spencer District by teaching strategies that empower!

Students and their families can expect individual differentiated plans consisting of goals that focus upon students becoming their "own therapists." It is a privilege to offer my expertise to these students because "our children are our future."