Mrs. Bezlyk is our Newest Staff Person of the Month!

Mrs. Fischer also had this to say about Mrs. Bezylk, “Mrs. Bezlyk is an excellent choice for the staff member of the month!  Her creativity and passion for teaching, learning, and her students is an inspiration. She makes students feel welcome and special the minute they walk in her classroom and it does not stop even after they leave her room.  She is always ready with a smile, a hug, or some simple words of encouragement for her students, coworkers, and parents. I’m especially appreciative of her teaching skills as she has helped to develop a love of school and learning in two of my own children.  She is truly an amazing teacher and Spencer Elementary would not be the same without its first Queen Bee, Mrs. B.”

    Mrs. Wolf echoed this saying, “It is my pleasure to work with Mrs. Bezlyk each and every day.  Mrs. Bezlyk always sees the sunny side of things and can almost always be found with a smile on her face.  She cares deeply for her students and colleagues and it shows in her daily interactions with all of us. Mrs. Bezlyk can always be found doing exciting and memorable activities with her class and always does them with such enthusiasm!  She has been very supportive to me as I transitioned into teaching kindergarten. Mrs. Bezlyk is a great choice for staff member of the month! Congratulations!”

    More accolades were added by Mrs. Kolstad, “Mrs. Bezlyk is an awesome kindergarten teacher!  She strives to make learning fun and engaging with her creative ideas and activities. Just walk into her room and you may see a castle, pyramid, pirate ship, or even a tea party set up!  She is always kind, caring and has a warm welcome for her students, parents, friends, and co-workers. It’s great to have a co-worker like Logan because she will help you when asked. I couldn’t imagine our school without her!  She is an inspiration to all! Congratulations to a dear friend!!”

    Mrs. Tomke stated, “Logan is a great coworker and friend.   She is very kind and takes on all the challenges that come her way.  She truly cares for children and makes every one of them feel special.  She enjoys working with children and finds way to share her love of learning with them.  She is willing to listen and assist wherever she is needed. She works tirelessly and late into the night preparing materials and awesome units for her classroom.”

    Finally, Miss Strey added, “I can’t say enough about Mrs. B.  She truly cares about each and everyone of her students past and present.  She puts so much time and effort into making sure her students’ days are full of joy, love, and adventure.  Mrs. B is an excellent resource. I always enjoy spending time in Mrs. B’s room and learn so much when I am in there. Including the songs she teaches her students that get stuck in my head.  Mrs. B has made it very easy to work with our shared students and always has a “why not” attitude when I have suggestions. Mrs. B has been a joy to work with and has made my start here at Spencer an enjoyable one.  Thank you Mrs. B and congratulations on your recognition.”

    I’d like to add that I am so glad that Mrs. Bezylk chose Spencer Elementary as her professional home. Her energetic, loving personality, and her genuine concern for all of our students are true gifts to our school!  The activities she plans are truly engaging and exciting for her students and she has a special way of making each and everyone of her students feel so special. Thank you Mrs. Bezylk, we are so happy that you are part of our Rocket Family!!


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