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4K Curriculum Overview

At Spencer Public School our goal for our 4 year old kindergarten program is to provide a developmentally appropriate program which will promote the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of young children.


The curriculum of this 4 year old program is designed to foster children's active exploration and inquiry, rather that focusing on "right" answers or"right" ways to complete a task.


The curriculum of our 4 year old kindergarten program reads.


The child will-

*develop a positive self-concept and attitude toward learning.

*develop a curiosity about the world

*develop confidence as a learner.

*develop creativity and imagination.

*understand and respect social and cultural diversity, and develop an appreciation for individual differences.

*develop feelings of safety, security and belonging.

*demonstrate appropriate social interactions with children and adults.

*develop an awareness of self as a member of family, school and community.

*use language to communicate effectively.

*express ideas and feelings through pretend play, drama, dance, and movement, music, art and construction.

*develop a higher order of thinking, reasoning, problem solving and decision making.

*construct understanding of relationship among objects, people, and events.

*construct understanding of relationships such as classifying, ordering, number, space and time.

*discover relationships of the physical world through exploration and manipulation of objects.

*acquire basic skills, both large and fine motor.

*exhibit self-care abilities and good health habits.

*engage in active learning and in making meaningful choices.


During this year of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth, it is important that you praise your child's efforts and refrain from criticizing his or her mistakes.  Children learn a great deal through their mistakes, but they need to feel confident about themselves when they make them.  Don't expect perfection, and give your child much love and encouragement during this period of learning.


We wish your family much excitement and happiness as you begin this new adventure!

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