INTEGRITY-The Word of the Month


The Social and Emotional Learning Committee at Spencer Schools is bringing you the word for the month of October….INTEGRITY.


Integrity is the quality of being Honest, Fair, and having Strong Moral Values.  People with INTEGRITY tell the truth and act in a sincere way. It is more than just being honest.  It’s acting ethically on a consistent basis and in a trustworthy manner.


Talk to your kids about how they are interacting with classmates, teachers, coaches and those in authority.  At the same time, I challenge you to do the same questioning of yourself. Children are not born with INTEGRITY.  It comes about through influences from all aspects of a child’s life. The best way to instill integrity in our families is to live it in our own lives.  Be a role model by treating others with respect and dignity and listening to their feelings and concerns without judgement. One of my favorite quotes is, “We listen to respond not to understand.”  Young and old alike are reminded of their value as ethical human beings when we praise each other for demonstrating strong moral values and beliefs.


Here are some ideas of how to incorporate INTEGRITY into your daily life:

  • Keep your word

  • Keep your commitments

  • Pay attention and Stay Focused

  • Surround yourself with honest people

  • Take responsibility

  • Respect others

  • Do something good for someone else.  Show compassion and empathy.

  • Stay dedicated to your values


Share meaningful human stories.  This is probably one of the best ways to explain INTEGRITY.  When reading books with your children talk about the characters in the story and share ways in which the character(s) live what’s important to them.  Be sure that your kids understand that while it is sometimes difficult to stand up to disrespectful behavior they should always know they can ask an adult for help.


As I’m sure many of you have heard the saying, “Integrity is about doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”


So, when you talk to your kids about their day make the topic of INTEGRITY part of the conversation.

Here are a couple of questions that may help get the conversation started…

  • How would you define the word INTEGRITY?

  • Who is someone you know that you feel demonstrates INTEGRITY and why?

  • What skills do you possess that show you have INTEGRITY?

  • What skills would you like to improve on and how can you accomplish that?


Submitted by Karla Brehm

SEL Committee Member

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