Sprencer Elementary School's Student of the Month for September

Adryan was nominated by Mrs. Buss and Mrs. Jennings. “It is our pleasure to nominate Adryan Schmidt for this month’s Student of the Month Award.  This young man is a joy to work with. He is dependable and trustworthy. It is evident to us that he lives by the Rocket Way. He treats others with understanding and compassion.  He is helpful in our classroom and shows a sincere desire to get actively involved in the Village of Spencer as well. His devotion to Scouts poses many opportunities for community service.  You can find him raking lawns for the elderly and volunteering at pancake breakfasts. Adryan is a very conscientious student who sets his goals high and works diligently to meet them. We can count on him to do the right thing whether someone is watching or not.  He is a “thinker” and his perseverance sets a great example for his peers. Adryan has a wonderful sense of humor and is able to enjoy spontaneous “goofy moments” in our learning community and then lead his classmates to settle back into routine. His optimistic attitude, his willingness to show “grit”, and his integrity shine through each day.  We are very excited to watch him grow during our journey together this year.”

Adryan was nominated by his 4th grade teachers last year too!  Mrs. Eckes stated, “I've been very impressed with Adryan's determination and drive this school year.   Adryan sets high goals for himself with his learning and strives to achieve them. Regardless of what is thrown Adryan's way, he tackles it with dedication, perseverance and most importantly, a positive attitude. Your drive and friendly, positive attitude are inspiring! Keep it up!”

Mrs. Miller also nominated Adryan saying, “He has a positive attitude and it rubs off on those around him. He is kind, works hard, and will help anyone.”

 More kind words came from Adryan’s other teachers:

Mrs. Farrell, “He is not only an amazing student, but also active in extracurricular activities such as scouting. I could always count on him to lead by example. Seeing the smile on his face every morning as he heads down the hallway to class brightens my day. Congratulations Adryan!”

    Mrs. Guenther, “I remember Adryan as a quiet young man who did his job carefully and neatly without reminders. He was good at thinking beyond the easy answer, delving into deeper ideas.  Adryan is a fantastic choice for student of the month!”

    Mrs. Kolstad, “In first grade Adryan was always kind, respectful, and helpful to others.  During class, he was willing to challenge himself, was responsible, and did his job! He is a great example of "The Rocket Way"!  Congratulations Adryan!”

    Mrs. Tomke, “Adryan is a very patient and hardworking young man.   He taught me to be more optimistic and find another way to accomplish a task.  He had a smile even when you knew he was not feeling his best. He never let setbacks get him down but continued to strive to do more.”

    Mrs. Wolf, “Congratulations Adryan!  I think you are an outstanding choice for Student of the Month!  After all these years, I still get a smile and a "Hi" whenever I see him in the hallway.   Adryan has fully embraced the Rocket Way and I am so proud of him!”

Congratulations Adryan on being named Spencer Elementary School’s Student of the Month for September!  You have such a kind heart and genuinely care about all those around you. You are a quiet leader that never gives up.  You have shown such perseverance and optimism every year that you have been in school. I am so very happy that you are part of our Rocket Family!

Student of the Month

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