Spencer Elementary Student of the Month for October

Mrs. Guenther also nominated Kellie saying, “Kellie is very responsible and respectful.  She does her job without reminders. She waits patiently with her thumb up without blurting out.  She has the 2nd grade routine down pat after only a few days of school. Kellie is kind and helpful to others by partnering with a variety of classmates, helping clean up work place games,  and showing a friend where tools are in the classroom.”

More kind words came from Kellie’s other teachers:

Mrs. Wolf, “Congratulations Kellie!  I remember Kellie, in 4K, as being quiet, happy and a good friend to all.  Kellie always seems to have a smile on her face and a good attitude about school.  I think that Kellie is a wonderful role model for others and very deserving to be our student of the month!”

    Mrs. Zuelke, “Kellie is a wonderful student that was hard to pass on to second grade.  Kellie was willing to work with all of her peers in small groups. She would help her friends figure out a word or help them solve a math problem by thinking it out with them.  She was also a good friend to her peers in her classroom. Everyone liked being with Kellie. Kellie was a hard worker and found work to do even when she was finished. Kellie had a real love for learning.  And I love when she still gives me big hugs at lunch or when she sees me around school.”

    Mrs. Tomke, “ Kellie was willing to help wherever needed and often ready to take on a new challenge.  She developed early reading skills and loved to read to the rest of the class. She was considerate of her friends’ feelings. Her bright inquisitive eyes and winning smile greeted each day as an eager learning experience.”

    Congratulations, Kellie, on being named Spencer Elementary School’s Student of the Month for October!  You have such a kind heart and genuinely care about all those around you. You show respect to all around you and your smile brightens everyones’ day!  I am so very happy that you are part of our Rocket Family!


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