Junior High Chorus



2020-2021 Junior High Chorus REQUIRED Performance Schedule

**Fall Music                                                     based on readiness 

**Holiday/Winter Concert                           January

Choral Festival                                               Thursday, April 8 @ Stratford                     evening

MS Spring Awards Concert                        Thursday, May 21                                           7:30 pm


** these performances will not be ‘traditional.’ We will record what is being worked on in class to share with our parents and community throughout the 1st Semester. We will see how things are when we get to the other concert dates and adapt as needed.


Non-required events

* District Solo/Ensemble                                  Friday, March 26 @ Spencer                         all day

                  *subject to change



Choir Safety Precautions

Due to COVID-19, the choir department will be taking the following precautions when we are face to face in school:

  • Singers will wear masks properly (covering nose and mouth) at ALL times during rehearsals

  •  Singers will be placed 6 feet apart in their sections while rehearsing in the LTCA

  • Sanitize hands on entrance and exit

  • No shared music/materials

  • Organized entrance and exit procedures



60% of your grade is “summative assessments” This includes performances, required voice lessons, tests/quizzes, and voice lessons. Concerts are out of 100 points. 

40% of your grade is “formative assessments” This includes daily participation points, classroom assignments and periodic material checks. 


Daily participation points: Each class day students are automatically awarded 5 points at the start of class if they are present. To maintain the 5 points, students must:


  • Come to class with required materials (folder, pencil and positive attitude)

  • Be on time, in your seat or on Zoom and ready to sing at the start of class

  • Engage in warm-ups

  • Active participation in sightsinging

  • Be fully engaged in rehearsal of new and review music

  • Engage in activities that enhance individual and group interactions



  • Come to class with required materials (digital music on screen, and positive attitude)

  • Be logged in ON TIME on Zoom, in a quiet place and ready to sing at the start of class

  • Be in a seat or place that allows for correct choir posture (not lying on the couch, etc.)

  • Camera in ON for the duration of the rehearsal

  • Mics are muted unless Mrs. Olson unmutes you or tells to you unmute yourself

  • Engage in warm-ups

  • Active participation in sightsinging

  •  Be fully engaged in rehearsal of new and review music

  •  Engage in activities that enhance individual and group interactions

Each time one of the above items is not completed, points are taken away from the given 5 points. Once your 5 points for the day are gone, they’re gone. Signing up for an additional voice lesson can make up points.  


Voice lessons: ALL students required are to attend voice lessons during the quarter as part of their grade. This requirement is subject to change quarter to quarter. Lessons are scheduled at the start of the quarter by giving Mrs. Olson your study halls/open times. 


Performances: These may look a bit different this year, especially at the start. Performances are REQUIRED events of all students. Because choir is a performance-based class, it is nearly impossible to make up the experience of a performance Any UNEXcused absence from a required performance will lower your grade significantly. 


Mrs. Olson expects that you will:

·       Follow school policy by keeping electronic devices out of class

·       Follow safety precautions

·       Be present and prompt 

·       Give your best effort at each rehearsal

·       Follow rehearsal etiquette 

·       Treat everyone, including yourself with respect

·       See her if there is an issue that needs to be addressed

·       Follow concert dress guidelines


EXcused and UNEXcused absences from a performance

  • EXcused Absence for a performance:  If you have a conflict for a legitimate reason (determined by Mrs. Olson) with a performance, to get it cleared, you music notify Mrs. Olson AT LEAST 3 WEEKS ahead of time (illness excepted). 

    • If your absence is excused, it is the student’s responsibility to request their make-up assignment for the missed event. The student will have 1 week to complete the assignment to earn partial credit back.


·       UNEXcused Absence: Sports, baby-sitting, extra-curricular activities, work, homework, you “forgot,” or no ride to get to the concert are not valid excuses for missing a concert.  Unexcused absences cannot be made up, resulting in a significant grade reduction.


Concert dress (we will get here once we can have in-person concerts again)

·   ALL Middle School choir/band member will be required to wear black dress pants or skirt, a modest white dress shirt/blouse, and black dress shoes. These items should be clean and pressed.

o   Ladies: Modest white dress shirt/blouse. Black pants (no leggings) or black skirt (conservative length). Alternatively, a plain black dress may be worn

o   Gentlemen: White dress shirt on top, Black dress pants on bottom (no jeans) Red or black tie or bowtie is acceptable.

o   SHOES 

-- Ladies: black closed-toe dress shoes (no heels higher than 2”)

-- Gentlemen: black dress shoes (no tennis shoes/sneakers) and black dress socks


I am looking forward to another great school year with all of you. Let’s make some great music and have FUN!

         - Mrs. Olson