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Superintendent's Message

Superintendent's Message- Winter 2023


From the Desk of Mr. E


January 23, 2023 was officially the start of the second half of the school year.  I am not one to dwell on the past and continually have the mindset of looking toward the future but this year I think it is definitely worthy of recapping a great start to the school year in which we have had many great happenings.

I can admit now that the process of adding 24 new adults in the building to work with our students was paved with concern.  The importance of creating fit and to continue a positive school climate is, in my opinion, the key to the academic success of our students.  We strive to find a positive mindset while understanding a positive relationship sets the tone for learning.  Nothing is ever 100% but I feel we have created a team that understands this philosophy.  I am happy with the new hires and the role our veteran staff has played in making them feel welcome to the Rocket Family.

Under the direction of Mr. Ikert and Mr. Gorst I have been impressed with the work that has been done.  In the elementary we are in the process of implementing a new English/Language Arts curriculum while at the Middle/High School level a great emphasis is being placed on evaluating all of our curricular areas to continually challenge our students.

At the District level a great deal of work is being done in collaboration with community groups such as our Village Board and Spencer Youth Recreations (SYR).  Discussions at the board level surround the addition of a School Resource Officer which we feel could serve as another set of eyes to assure the mental and social well being of our kids while continuing to address school safety concerns.  SYR has stepped up in providing funds which are also associated with grant funds to redo our entire school playground. Plans have been drawn up, materials have been purchased and ready for installation this coming summer.

Also at the board level we are in dialogue and discussion to bring an infant/toddler care center to the district.  We feel this will continue to accentuate the overall philosophy of growing the Spencer community.  Most are aware of the need for childcare in our area, albeit not a responsibility of a school but another option to bring new families to our school community which we feel will positively impact our future enrollments.

As a district we continually want to keep our community up to date with the happenings of our School District.  Work is being done to update and modernize our school web page.  You can also follow us on our School District of Spencer Facebook page.  Thank you for your continued support and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.