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Welcome to the Spencer School District!


Spencer Public School empowers students to achieve their greatest academic, emotional, social, and civic potential.


The vision of Spencer Public schools is to provide a foundation for all students to be actively engaged in a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment utilizing 21st Century Skills.

Spencer Public School Values:

  1. Individuals have a right to a safe, welcoming environment

  2. Individuals have value and deserve to be treated with respect

  3. Individuals are responsible for their actions

  4. Mistakes are opportunities for learning

  5. Individuals have unique strengths and abilities

  6. Character Education leads to personal and academic growth

  7. Community, parents/guardians and schools inspire student growth

  8. Knowing all students by name enhances personal connections and student learning

  9. Providing a strong foundation for continuous learning includes critical and creative thinking

Spencer Spelling Bee Champion Crowned!

Spelling Bee Winners

Pictured at right is the champion, Nathan Kieffer, an 8th-grade student. He is the son of Shawn and Kristy Kieffer of Spencer.

Pictured at left is the runner up, Oliver Schweiger, a 7th-grade student. He is the son of Jeff and Carmen Schweiger of Loyal.

Nathan will compete in the CESA 10 Regional Spelling Bee at Stanley Public Schools on Thursday, February 6, at 9:00 am.


Price is $50 until January 20th!  Price increase to $55.



Cooperation-Working Together


The Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) word for January is COOPERATION.


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