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Welcome to the Spencer School District!


Spencer Public School empowers students to achieve their greatest academic, emotional, social, and civic potential.


The vision of Spencer Public schools is to provide a foundation for all students to be actively engaged in a positive, safe, and inclusive learning environment utilizing 21st Century Skills.

Spencer Public School Values:

  1. Individuals have a right to a safe, welcoming environment

  2. Individuals have value and deserve to be treated with respect

  3. Individuals are responsible for their actions

  4. Mistakes are opportunities for learning

  5. Individuals have unique strengths and abilities

  6. Character Education leads to personal and academic growth

  7. Community, parents/guardians and schools inspire student growth

  8. Knowing all students by name enhances personal connections and student learning

  9. Providing a strong foundation for continuous learning includes critical and creative thinking

Spencer Elementary Student of the Month for October

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Kellie  as our Student of the Month for the month of October!!

Kellie wasStudent of the Month nominated by Mrs. Bissonette, she said,  “Kellie is always focused on the task in class. She puts forth her best effort on all of her work. Kellie is polite and helpful to her friends. She has a positive attitude!”

Kellie was also nominated by Mrs. Anderson.  Mrs. Anderson stated, “In the first few short weeks of school  Kellie really stood out in our Rocket Community. She is always following the Rocket Way.  Respectful to friends and always willing to help out a friend who needs help. She patiently works with them without giving them the answer. She is an example for everyone when working on our classroom rules.  She follows the rules no matter the situation she is in. Waiting patiently for her turn and listening to others when it is their turn. She is a wonderful asset to our second grade community. I can not wait to watch her grow throughout the year!!”

Citizens of the Month for October

We are so proud of all the great citizens we have at Spencer Elementary School.  Here are the Citizens of the Month for October!Citizens of the Month



The SEL Word for November is PERSEVERANCE.  The meaning: Continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition.  A NEVER GIVE UP attitude. (cont...)


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